Reinvention. It’s a term loaded with possibilities. It means there’s a new way of doing something that’s been done one way for a long time. It means there’s a fresh take on a standard idea. It means you’re not locked into one way of being, and being part of a reinvention is easy motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

At UpDesk®, we really like this word. We like it because, in some ways, we’re reinventing ourselves. Our parent company has been in the business of making desks and other supplies for the healthcare industry for 40 years but one day we realized there was an opportunity to reinvent some of our products to help a lot more people stand up and become healthier, more productive versions of themselves by using a stand up desk.

We also want to reinvent the working environment for the millions of people who currently sit at a desk daily. We’re literally sitting ourselves to death and transferring several of those sitting hours to standing hours helps productivity and overall health. That’s a reinvention of the work environment we’re all about.

So, here we are, encouraging people to stand more, do more, and be more healthy and productive. It’s a daunting reinvention, and we don’t think it will come easily or quickly. We just want people to raise their standards...one desk at a time.


Company Location

The UpDesk® office, manufacturing, and assembly plant are located in Nashville, TN, U.S.A

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