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You deserve a choice to sit or stand. Numerous reports have shown that people who alternate between sitting and standing live longer, live healthier, and are more productive. You deserve a safer alternative to sitting all day. You deserve a healthier option. You deserve to be as productive as you're capable being. You deserve to raise your standard.

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“As someone who sits at a desk 12 hours or more a day on average, I was horrified to learn about all the health issues that are attributed to constant sitting! After hearing this I immediately started to research standing desks and found UpDesk to be the best price and the best quality, which is a rare find in any product!"

Ryan Connolly (Creator/Host of Film Riot & Film State)

“As a connoisseur of the standing desk, I can honestly say that the UpDesk is one of the best I’ve tried. I’ve been using it for about two weeks and I’ve really enjoyed it. Going from sitting to standing takes about a minute and I don’t have to move my computer around or stand at on odd angle on my original standing desk solution."

John Biggs (East Coast Editor of TechCrunch)

“I get more done and simply feel better at the end of the day with an UpDesk. Using a standing desk has changed my work for the better.”

Ben Parr (CNET columnist / ex Editor-at-Large of Mashable)

“I would very strongly recommend the UpDesk to anybody that has experienced chronic back, hip and leg problems over time, or anybody that works in a job that requires great focus and high productivity.”

Matt Singley (CEO of Singley + Mackie)