Maple UpDesk Series III Standing Desk

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PowerUp Series III Features:

  • Touch-of-a-button adjustment
  • Electrically powered lift system
  • Durable 1.25" high-pressure laminate desktop
  • 375lbs. lifting capacity
  • Height adjustable from 24.5" to 50.5"
  • Twin-lift: each leg has its own motor (1.5-inches/second)
  • 20-minute out-of-the-box set-up
  • Includes cable management channel
  • Accommodates treadmills
  • Includes energy-saver control switch
  • Reinforced steel footings
  • Several Different Colors
  • 5-year limited warranty

PowerUps raise your standard by:

  • Providing distinct yet functional desks to match your style
  • Giving you the flexibility to sit or stand as you like
  • Equipping each desk with contour front edges so everything is in reach
  • Promoting healthy posture and increased productivity
  • Giving you options to accessorize your desk
  • Providing a 5-year limited warranty

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I absolutely love my CrankUp. There was a small issue in shipping but it was quickly resolved the next day. There's only a couple feedback items I can think of: 1. The predrilled holes did not line up correctly. 2. I wish the directions pointed out to make sure the crank is completely centered in the opening. Right now the crank is kind of stuffed against one side and it's a little awkward to use. I'm having a friend help me fix it since he has more experience in working with furniture so I don't ruin the table top.
- Michael R.
I Love the desk. To be able to stand helps my back and my overall well being.
- Elizabeth S.
I purchased the Smart Step Supreme Mat and it has made all the difference in my transition to a standing desk. Cuts fatigue in half. I have only had the product for a month, but it is obviously made of quality materials and will hold up for a very long time. A friend of mine even places his chair on it daily and it springs right back to life the next day. I would highly recommend this mat.
- Kevin H.
I have been researching standing desks for a very long time. When after a recommendation I began looking into the updesk! I have received my desk, and have been using it for the last few weeks. I feel so much more awake, and productive when I stand part of the day. I have chronic back pain and have noticed my back hurts less than it used to at the end of long 10 hour work days. I got the UpWrite, and I an consistently using it to take notes from conference calls, etc. SO much better than the wasted paper from before! I had a couple issues I had to work out with the customer service department, and they were EXCELLENT in their handling of my questions/issues. I would and DO recommend this desk to ANYONE searching for standing desk options!
- Chantel C.
This desk is GREAT!! So easy to use and was very easy to set up. LOVE IT!!
- Tiffany R.
I used to use a exercise ball at my desk but there was times I felt like it would be so much better to stand. I do video editing so it is important to be creative and have lots of ideas. Standing keeps me more enthusiastic about my work. My brother ordered a desk through you guys earlier, so I got to play with his for a bit and knew I had to have one. The only complaint I really have is the cost. Other than that a great product indeed!
- Dan H.
The hardware I got was wrong and they were very quick to send me the correct hardware. Great customer service and an excellent product.
- Ryan L.
I love this desk. I hated the fact that we had to sit for our shifts at work. Now I stand more and I don't feel as slow and sluggish after hours on the chair. Great product for a great price.
- Juan Carlos M.