Mahogany UpDesk Series III Standing Desk

Mahogany UpDesk Small
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PowerUp Series III Features:

  • Touch-of-a-button adjustment
  • Electrically powered lift system
  • Durable 1.25" high-pressure laminate desktop
  • 375lbs. lifting capacity
  • Height adjustable from 24.5" to 50.5"
  • Twin-lift: each leg has its own motor (1.5-inches/second)
  • 20-minute out-of-the-box set-up
  • Includes cable management channel
  • Accommodates treadmills
  • Includes energy-saver control switch
  • Reinforced steel footings
  • Several Different Colors
  • 5-year limited warranty

PowerUps raise your standard by:

  • Providing distinct yet functional desks to match your style
  • Giving you the flexibility to sit or stand as you like
  • Equipping each desk with contour front edges so everything is in reach
  • Promoting healthy posture and increased productivity
  • Giving you options to accessorize your desk
  • Providing a 5-year limited warranty

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I used to use a exercise ball at my desk but there was times I felt like it would be so much better to stand. I do video editing so it is important to be creative and have lots of ideas. Standing keeps me more enthusiastic about my work. My brother ordered a desk through you guys earlier, so I got to play with his for a bit and knew I had to have one. The only complaint I really have is the cost. Other than that a great product indeed!
- Dan H.
Loving my new UpDesk. It was promptly delivered and packaged very well. Installation was a breeze and even the initial calibration process was a snap. I love how easy it is to switch from standing to sitting with the memory settings so that I know it's perfect each and every time. I find myself standing more throughout the day and use the iOS app to remind me in case I've been sitting too long. Glad I made the decision to choose UpDesk!
- Mike K.
I love the desk. Sturdy and reliable so far. Assembly instructions were simple and easy to follow.
- Steve H.
The spooner board is great for mixing up your lower body movement while using a standing desk. I'm not sure the photos of people kick-flipping the board are accurate or realistic, but for movement and improving balance muscles, it is definitely a help. The Max single monitor support is definitely better than other versions I have tried for large Apple Monitor. It has the option of clamping on to the desk or screwing in to it. I used the clamp and it is working well for me so far. The monitor tilt is a bit difficult to adjust on the fly, but doable. And the cord holder on the lower arm does not work well if you are moving the monitor a lot. But those are small critiques. The most important elements (attachments to the monitor, desk, and range of motion, ease of use) it gets 5 stars.
- Jason K.
Having just started a new career, I wanted to be able to have flexibility in my work space. The UpDesk is great because it allows for standing and sitting while not taking up a lot of space. I've been using the desk for three weeks and love it. The presets make transitions during the day easy. I would recommend the UpDesk to anyone looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and attractive standing desk.
- James K.
This is a great desk. I was worried about how long it would take for the desk to transition from one position to the other, but was surprised on how quickly and efficiently it moves up and down. Had one issue lining up some screws while installing and the cost is pretty high, hence 4/5. I would definitely recommend this desk and the lifestyle of standing/sitting for work/recreation.
- Stanley A.
After seeing a friend's UpDesk in their home office, I wanted one for my office, too. After researching other standing desks, none of the others matched the quality of UpDesk products. I ordered an UpWrite, and I really couldn't be happier. I haven't sat down all day! The installation process was very easy (requiring only a screwdriver or drill), and my desk was standing in less than an hour. With the CPU basket underneath, the medium size desk accommodates my three monitors, keyboard, and mouse with ease. Customer service has been a pleasure to work with, as they have addressed my questions and concerns quickly. I am very happy to be a part of the UpDesk community!
- Mitchell F.
As advertised. Fast quiet up/down. Exceptionally stable in the high up position. Assembly and wiring connections simple and quickly accomplished. Whiteboard desk surface is the best addition to my work space. Taking notes or sketching or whatever you might use a whiteboard surface for, having it on a horizontal plane rather than vertical works perfectly for me.
- Michael G.