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4 Things To Consider With A Treadmill Desk

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There has been a lot of buzz regarding treadmill desks lately. That's right... it's part treadmill and part desk. While it's a creative concept, I'm not completely sold on the idea.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) posted an article this week specifically about treadmill desks and stability ball chairs. It turns out; these items can actually do more harm than good. Watch the video below.


Here are a few reasons why I'm questioning the treadmill desk:


John Osborn, CEO of BBDO New York, hit the nail right on the head. I can imagine walking on a treadmill is awkward while trying to have a serious conversation with someone (either on the phone or in person).

Do you slow down your pace, step off the thing while it's still running, or invite your colleague to join you? Awkward.


Recognize it or not, humans can only focus on a few things at once. Being conscious of putting one foot in front of the other all while answering emails and phone calls can take its toll throughout the day.

Some of the UpDesk team members have tried treadmill desks before and they found them to be distracting for anything they did on their computer. While they were able to have phone conversations easily on it, anything that required more focus was a little more difficult.


Working in a cubicle and/or collaborative space is becoming more popular in today's workforce. Typically, these kinds of areas don't have tons of space for bulky items like treadmill desks.


You wear workout clothes to the gym, what are you supposed to wear to work if you own a treadmill desk? More than likely, you're going to break a sweat if you're walking on a treadmill for most of the day.

The WSJ article/video has confirmed the reservations we've had regarding treadmill desks... What are your thoughts on the topic? I'd love to hear your feedback. Just leave a comment below!



  • Feb 7, 2013 • 9:23am
    Callie Johnson

    Great article with helpful information. I was just about to research treadmill desks, and your point about focus is SPOT ON. :) Thanks!

  • Feb 25, 2013 • 11:52am
    Nancy P

    I respectfully disagree. I’ve been working- in regular office attire - on my treadmill desk for nearly two years. I keep a slow pace and alternate between walking and standing throughout the day. No problem with sweat, phone conversations, focus or anything at all.
    In fact, my focus is almost better as I am rhythmically and mindlessly walking while I work.  I have no nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to go to the gym.

    Admittedly, I have my own office so space management is not an issue. I know I am not bothering anyone. However, both my colleges in the outer office play the radio all day long, which I find MOST distracting.

  • Mar 6, 2013 • 12:39pm

    Thanks, Callie!


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